Artnovion Avalon Flow




Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser

Absorption Range:
250 Hz to 5000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
B | (αw)=0,75


- RT reduction

- Flutter echo control

- Reducing excessive reverberation

- Improving speech intelligibility


Avalon Flow | Flowing parametric design.

Avalon turns a simple panel into a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding according to your point-of-view. 

Avalon is a parametric hybrid absorber, tying high-performance absorption and diffusion, creating the perfect wall-to-wall solution. 
Avalon is formed using a combination of 5 different modules, that can be arranged to create countless personalized designs.

Avalon is available in 2 natural wood finishes, and a selection of 7 acoustic fabrics.

A high-performance acoustic core with a carefully calibrated diffuser design

Recommended for

- Hi-Fi Listening Room

- Media Room

- Home Cinema

- Living Room


This highly efficient and sustainable Avalon Flow can be easily mounted on walls and ceilings.
Combines Absorption and diffusion.

Available Fire Rate:
FG | Furniture Grade

- Natural wood veneer | Lacquered HMDF
- Marine grade plywood structural frame
- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

Range | Dimensions:

Avalon Flow I | 595x595x110mm

Avalon Flow II | 595x595x110mm

Avalon Flow III | 595x595x110mm

Avalon Flow IV | 595x595x110mm

Avalon Flow V | 595x595x45mm

This panel is installed with an integrated fixing system.