Artnovion Avalon Flow Acoustic Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser



Avalon creates a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding according to your point-of-view.

This parametric hybrid absorber, tying high-performance absorption and diffusion, that creates the perfect wall-to-wall solution.

Crafted in a selection of five different designs, that can be arranged to create countless personalized combinations.

Avalon Flow is available in two tones of wood finish, and a selection of acoustic fabrics, can be easily mounted to any surface.


Type Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Absorption Range 315 Hz to 5000 Hz
Acoustic Class B | (αw) = 0,8
Purpose - RT reduction
- Flutter echo control
- Reducing excessive reverberation
- Improving speech intelligibility
Recommended for - Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Living Room
Dimensions 595x595x110mm