NuForce Oppo BDP-93 Xtreme Edition - Trade-In Local Pick-up Only

$1,999 $600

Brand NuForce

The best all-rounded Blu-ray player with a seductive Class-A Triode sound signature. Musical, warm and smooth sounding. Extracting high-quality audio from Blu-ray players can be problematic in that the HDMI signal format interleaves video and audio data into a single transmission medium. While a convenient means of transferring A/V data between components, the process of combining these signals invariably imparts a level of digital jitter to the audio data sometimes as high as seven nanoseconds. For the purpose of comparison, a good CD player's jitter specification is in the picosecond range, i.e., three orders of magnitude less. In practical terms, it is difficult to decode HDMI audio without employing extensive re-clocking circuits, thus inflating the cost of a good HDMI audio pre-processor. The simplest, most cost-effective way of dealing with the analog audio issue is at its source. And this is what we have accomplished in the NuForce BDP-93NE and BDP-93NXE. By replacing the analog output circuit board with a proprietary design, the 93NE and 93NXE delivers the highest possible levels of the natural, beautiful sound that has long since established NuForce's enviable reputation.
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