Wireworld Eclipse RCA Cables




Utilizing the same world-class design as the Platinum, Silver and Gold Eclipse cables, Eclipse is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre of instruments and voices.

The Eclipse  features Wireworld’s unique DNA Helix® cable design and utilizes Silver-Tube™ plugs for optimum connectivity.

Also available with balanced XLR terminations.

"It is very tight, open and lively to listen to, letting music sparkle out at you through the loudspeakers with a lustre that's not normally available from a cable even at this sort of price."
"Overall, an impressive new piece of wire that deserves to succeed, especially in valve or vinyl-based systems where it complements perfectly."
Eclipse 6, Hi-Fi World, June '10
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Construction: DNA Helix® (Quad)
Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast copper (19AWG)
Insulation: Composilex 2
Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper
Connectors: Silver-Tube™
Available terminations:   RCA