A common desire to push boundaries, of innovation and of excellence – and a common disdain for compromise. Two companies with shared ambitions and shared expertise deliver a peerless experience.

The partnership is built on firm technical foundations. We worked closely with McLaren's design and engineering teams to create and optimise the audio system found in McLaren's supercars since 2015.

We are now bringing the partnership to life through series of brand partnership activities and a limited-edition premium headphone, the Px8 McLaren Edition. The partnership also gives us the opportunity to bring the McLaren in-car experience, into the home for owners and fans alike.

Our flagship wireless headphone, the Px8 gets a new CMF to celebrate the
partnership. The Px8 McLaren Edition utilises the already luxurious materials of the headphones and elevates them with bold and dynamic McLaren co-branding.

Px8 is our flagship wireless headphone. It’s the ultimate combination of exceptional performance, premium materials, intelligent technology, and smart features.

A new reference in headphones

We’ve never made a better headphone than Px8. A high-resolution 24-bit DSP is partnered with all-new driver technology to deliver outstanding resolution, capable of capturing nuances in your music that may otherwise be missed. This is headphone listening on all-new levels of immersion and realism.

Angled Carbon Cones

Px8’s precisely angled Carbon Cone drive units reduce distortion, resulting in massively improved clarity. Coupled to a fully optimized drive unit ‘motor system’, with revised magnet, voice coil and surround, the result is unparalleled accuracy and realism.

High-resolution sound with advanced DSP

Px8 uses aptX™ Adaptive wireless technology and powerful Digital Signal Processing to ensure outstanding 24-bit high-resolution sound quality from suitable streaming services. You can also connect to your laptop via USB to enjoy high-resolution streaming.

Cancel the noise, not your music

Px8's proprietary noise cancellation technology ensures outstanding performance with no impact on musicality. Six microphones work together to deliver the best results, both for noise cancellation and clearer voice calls.

Comfort, for longer

Cast aluminum arms and fine Nappa leather trim leave you in no doubt that Px8 is a headphone every bit as special as it sounds. And with 30 hours of listening from a single charge you can enjoy the experience for over a day at a time.

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December 07, 2022 — Marco Falcetta