For years soundbars were the bane of our existence. Always disappointing and fiddly to work with. However, this trend has been bucked in the last few years. Sonically, soundbars have greatly improved, they are very reliable, and have a much wider feature set. 


The Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 1 and 2 were the brightest stars in the darkest days. If you were in the shop asking for a soundbar, it was the soundbar. The Panorama 3 has been released and we're pleased to see it's back. Featuring a complete redesign — ditching the 2's bulky form-factor. With streaming capability, this soundbar can do much more than just enhance your viewing experience. 


With fantastic low-end performance, the Panorama 3 sheds one of the typical pitfalls of soundbars. This is a perfect solution for those with significant space restrictions. You'll be very happy with the vast improvement over your television's speakers.


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April 02, 2022 — Cade Dunbar
Tags: Product News