Sonus Faber Principia 3 Review

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Speaker maker Sonus Faber was established in 1983, in the Veneto region of Italy, and in 2007 was acquired by the McIntosh Group, owner of such brands as McIntosh Laboratory and Audio Research. SoundStage! publisher Doug Schneider visited Sonus Faber in 2013, and saw their production line in Vicenza. SF’s many lines of speakers are mostly designed for listening to two-channel music recordings, but they also make speakers for multichannel systems and for supercar manufacturer Pagani, down the road in Modena. No surprise, given that Sonus Faber has repeatedly won SoundStage!’s Aesthetics and Sound award.

As announced at High End 2016, in Munich, Germany, Sonus Faber’s new Principia line comprises five models: two stand-mounted designs, the Principia 1 ($549 USD per pair) and Principia 3 ($699/pair); two floorstanders, the Principia 5 ($1199/pair) and Principia 7 ($1499/pair); and a center-channel, the Principia C ($349). These push the company into lower price markets, continuing a direction embarked on with the Venere line, but now at just half the Veneres’ prices...Continue reading here

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28 March, 2018 by Michael Babb
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