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The first time I heard a CD player in my own system was in 1983, the first year of the format's introduction in the West. CD players were generally hard to come by, but I had a friend who worked for Sony, and he came over with his new toy: Sony's next-to-top-of-the-line CD player. (I think it was a CDP-501.) We connected it to my system—at the time, Quad ESLs driven by a Luxman tube amplifier, with a Linn turntable—and listened to some Sony demo CDs.


My friend was delighted with the results. "There's no noise! No clicks, no pops, no rumble!" I had to agree—the lack of noise was impressive. As for the music—well, less so. The sound was bright and harsh, especially massed strings. Piano was better, crisp and dynamic, but voices had more of an edge. I didn't want to spoil his enjoyment, but I wasn't convinced. However, I was intrigued, and determined to find out if CDs could be made to sound better...Continue reading here

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March 28, 2018 — Michael Babb