Martin Logan ESL 15A

I prefer and have owned electrostatic speakers for most of my audiophile life. Depending on your point of view, this makes me either the most qualified or the least appropriate writer to review MartinLogan's new electrostatic loudspeaker, the Masterpiece Renaissance ESL 15A.

Oh, I've flirted with dynamic speakers. I've owned and loved—and ultimately, when I was an audio retailer, sold—models from Revel, Thiel, Vandersteen, and many others, while my long-term choice has been electrostats. And while I've spent plenty of time with electrostatic speakers from Acoustat and Quad, I've ended up owning MartinLogans: Sequels, Quests, ReQuests, and, currently, Prodigys.

What attracts me to electrostatic speakers are the clarity, neutrality, and sense of "thereness" I hear from them, along with the natural cohesiveness of the imaging and midrange reproduction of tall, dipolar, line-source designs. The dispersion characteristics of electrostatic panels minimize sidewall reflections, and their lack of crossover electronics in the critical mid and high frequencies has always been a selling point for me. And I find the simplicity of electrostatic speaker design appealing...continue reading here

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24 May, 2018 by Michael Babb
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