Martin Logan ESL 11A Review

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The MartinLogan speaker company has been in business since 1979. Currently based in Lawrence, Kansas, the company is renowned for its classic designs like the all-electrostatic Curvilinear Line Source (CLS). But the two things it is best known for are its hybrid speakers and their unique dispersion characteristics.

Electrostatic speakers have traditionally been known for their transparency and accuracy, but since the panels tend to be large, their treble dispersion is narrow – an effect known as “beaming.” ML has overcome this by producing curved electrostatic panels that do not beam in the treble.

Electrostatic speakers have also traditionally been known for their inability to produce the bass of conventional cone speakers. Other companies have tried hybrid designs using cone bass and electrostatic midrange/treble, but the crossovers have usually been audible with the bass sounding slower and heavier than the higher frequencies....continue reading here

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24 May, 2018 by Michael Babb
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