Devialet Expert 130 Pro Review

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An unflinching commitment to iterative improvement is what sets “the best” apart from everything else, and in that respect, Devialet of France is competing only with itself. With a recent infusion of €100 million from a consortium of investors including Foxconn, Renault, and Sharp, Devialet’s aims clearly reach far beyond the listening rooms of audiophiles like you and me. Yet that show of confidence is predicated, in large part, on the success of Devialet’s Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) amplifier, a patented circuit that earned its reputation for state-of-the-art performance in their line of Expert amplifiers, such as the 120, which I called “the single most impressive audio product I’ve ever spent time with” when I reviewed it in July 2014. Devialet claims that the newest iteration of the 120, the Expert 130 Pro ($7690 USD), is even better.

Devialet’s new entry-level amplifier is virtually identical in appearance to its predecessor; the sole difference is the color -- white, not black -- of its only exterior control, a teardrop-shaped Power/Input button. Unchanged from the 120 are the Expert 130 Pro’s polished aluminum case measuring 15.1”W x 1.6”H x 15.1”D and weighing 12.4 pounds, the circular OLED display on its top panel, and various connections. These connections include: Wi-Fi via Devialet’s proprietary AIR app for Mac and Windows operating systems; Ethernet (also managed via AIR); asynchronous USB; S/PDIF optical; 3.5mm optical/RS232 connector; RCA, which can be configured as line-level or phono inputs; and a pair of coaxial inputs, which can also be configured as preamplified analog outputs, while one of these inputs can also be configured as a digital output. The digital inputs support PCM signals up to 24-bit/192kHz; only the USB input can handle up to PCM 32/192 and DSD64. There’s also a slot for the SD card that Devialet includes with each 130 Pro, to configure the device to suit the listener’s needs...Continue reading here

28 March, 2018 by Michael Babb
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