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In some ways, the 804 D3 (and the rest of the new D3 Series) are the speakers I've long wished that Bowers & Wilkins would make. Previous 800 Series speakers have relied on midrange drivers made with woven Kevlar cones. Most other speaker makers that have flirted with Kevlar seem to have moved on to other (and, to my ears, better) cone materials, and I've long suspected that B&W was sticking with Kevlar because the yellow fabric had become such an iconic part of the company's branding. The 804 D3 and the other models in the D3 Series now use a silver-colored synthetic fabric named Continuum, which according to B&W has better break-up (high-frequency distortion) behavior than Kevlar. I've reviewed at least one speaker from every 800 Series since the original, so I was curious to hear what Continuum sounds like.

Although the 804 D3 resembles past 804s in concept--it's a tower speaker with two 6.5-inch woofers, a five-inch midrange, and a one-inch tweeter--it shares almost no parts with previous 804s. The woofer cone is also made of a new material; B&W swapped out its old Rohacell composite sandwich diaphragm for a new formulation called Aerofoil. The thickness of the Aerofoil material varies in order to reduce resonance and to concentrate stiffness where it's most needed...Continue reading here

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March 29, 2018 — Michael Babb