Bowers & Wilkins 705s2 Review

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When you make as many loudspeakers as Bowers & Wilkins do it must occasionally get difficult thinking up new range names. Before the 700 series there was the CM or compact monitor series that sat between the 600 and 800 ranges, a range that grew out of one model in a distinctly organic fashion. So by replacing CM with 700 S2 the UK’s biggest speaker maker has pulled things back on track and given us a clear path through the various options, well almost, the biggest 700 model is the 702 and the smallest is the 707, so things are still a little upside down.

The 705 S2 is therefore somewhere near the middle of the range yet it’s one of only two out of six that has a separate tweeter pod sitting on top. This marks it out as having a clear connection with the 805 from the significantly more ambitious range above which costs £4,500, this is less than half of that at £1,799, yet they share a main driver and most of the tweeter The 705 has a carbon rather than diamond dome but is otherwise very similar indeed. This model looks therefore like something of a bargain and, spoiler alert, it is. While it doesn’t have the capabilities of an 805 it is an exceptionally revealing and entertaining loudspeaker that performs way above the level usually encountered at this price...Continue reading here

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28 March, 2018 by Michael Babb
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