Arcam A39 Review

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The Arcam FMJ range is Arcam’s ultimate audio performance in home cinema and stereo systems. All of the FMJ range is manufactured in a black finish of which all modules seamlessly blend together to great a cohesive modern look. The FMJ range features 4 integrated amplifiers, 2 power amplifiers, 1 pre-amplifier, 1 stereo AV receiver, 3 multi-channel AV receivers a CD player and a Blu-ray player. The ‘FMJ’ acronym stands for Faithful Musical Joy.

In this review we will be looking mostly into one of the integrated amplifiers, the FMJ A39.

Technology in the FMJ Range.

The main technology in the FMJ range is the fact they use Arcam’s highly developed Class G amplifier technology. Unlike the older Class A and AB amplifier designs, Class G is a very highly efficient design which allows for the amplifier to dynamically switch the power supply rails going to the output stage of the amplifier. This allows the amplifier to use less power and be more efficient in the lower volumes compared to Class A which every output stage is constantly on at full power, this is why Class A amplifiers run very hot and consume a lot of power...Continue Reading here

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28 March, 2018 by Michael Babb
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