Anthem MRX-1120 Review

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Much like a luxury sports car, the flagship AVR is expected to have every bell and whistle under the hood in order to appeal to the well-heeled crowd that’s willing to drop a few thousand dollars on a piece of electronics. The real bummer is that even if you spend the extra cash on a flagship, there’s no such thing as totally future-proofing your investment, due to the rapidly changing landscape of the home theater business.

This has been especially true during the past few years in which 3D has come and (thankfully) gone, and when we’ve witnessed the rise of 4K even before a final industry-wide spec was finalized! At first, 4K was boasting a bump in resolution, which is all fine and dandy. But because most people sit too far from their displays for it to matter much, another hook was required—and it has now arrived in the form of high dynamic range (HDR) plus wide color gamut, delivered by the competing incompatible formats dubbed Dolby Vision and HDR10. Of course, with this new technology, the HDMI specification has changed once again: In order to fully support the current 4K spec, your equipment must be at least HDMI 2.0a compat- ible, with HDCP 2.2 copyright management, or else you’re out of luck if you want to watch the latest Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs....Continue reading here

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27 March, 2018 by Michael Babb
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