We're Excited!

Omer and I had a pretty fun afternoon yesterday (without that Alex guy who's off in New Zealand... who needs him!) with some nice new speakers arriving in the store from our friends at Dynaudio.

They're from the new series in the Excite range, still manufactured at home in Denmark.  They include the amazing floorstanders, the X38s, their bookshelf speaker siblings, the X14s and the incredibly compact centre channel, the X24.

Noting the relatively low sensitivity figures, we figured we'd best connect them to an amplifier with plenty of grunt.  The new Arcam AVR450 seemed just the ticket.  It has a perfectly clean 110w a side (at less than 0.02% THD!) for stereo and an easy 90w delivered to each channel for surround use.

I did a cursory installation using the Arcam's basic setup parameters and was satisfied the levels were about right.  Dropping "Joe Bonamassa Live At The Royal Albert Hall" into the blu ray player, I picked out my favourite track (India/Mountain Time) and let the volume rip.

The results?  Nothing short of stunning.  The bass response in the floorstanders was absolutely amazing, filling the whole shop with percussive goodness.  The mids and highs were controlled and even and the overall tonal signature was wonderfully smooth.

"Time for a stress test!" I said to Omer and went and pulled out one of my favourite test CDs, Ben Ottewell's Shapes And Shadows.  I skipped ahead to "Chicago" and had the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

The sound was just how I like it - plenty of low-down thump; clear, unobstructed mids; bright but not shrill higher frequencies - and as an added bonus, they look great.  The X38s are, without a doubt, the star of the show, but the compact centre and rears kept up without too much trouble thanks to the grunt of the big Arcam.

I've always been of the opinion that the best way to buy speakers is by ear rather than by words or numbers, so come in-store and ask for a listen - we'll have them set-up and ready for you.

05 March, 2014 by Angus Perry

Smooth Delicate Balance, Wonderful Aftertaste

There's a restaurant in Florence, a few streets from the river, hidden away next to a book shop.  There's no parking, even for the omnipresent scooters, only pedestrian access.  Walking in, it doesn't seem to be too flashy a place.  I'd been referred here by a local guide, and it was definitely a restaurant, only somehow... more like a dining room with a couple of extra tables and chairs crammed in.  I took the plunge and took a table, joined by a brave cadre of friends, none of whom spoke a drop of Italian.

Almost three hours later, we were in a state of food-induced bliss.  We had each had a Florentine steak, notable for being uniquely non-beefy, accompanied by some fantastic wine, some fresh white beans in olive oil and the kind of loud and unbridled conversation which being on the other side of the world seems to draw out.  It was a great sensation and incredibly rewarding, all simply because we suspended our judgement until after tasting.

Indeed, the world is full of wonderful flavours. When someone can create a flavour so universally desirable that people will cross to the unknown part of town, abandon the safety net of their own language and commit to it sight unseen, the resultant praise echoes far and wide. The PSB Imagine T2s are a pair of speakers which fit that description.

The T2s have a smooth sound, free of overly-dominant bass or treble, instead revealing equally all parts of the recording.  Housed in sleek, slim and curvy, sexy cabinets are the stunningly clear tweeter, high-mounted midrange driver and three bass drivers, ensuring a command of sound pressure to suit rooms virtually any size.  The dispersion is amazing, with off-axis performance that even the fatter modern floorstanders struggle to match.

We've got just one pair of these beauties available for a very, very quick flash sale, so if you're considering a pair of speakers around this price point, this one-off special is unlikely to ever be repeated.

Check out the product page, or for any specific enquiries, drop us a line.


03 February, 2014 by Angus Perry

Paradigm Comes To Miranda Hi-Fi

Better Sound by Paradigm

Paradigm is a better brand of audio. With better audio comes a better experience. We've been building better audio for more than 30 years. Unlike almost every other audio manufacturer, we have our own sound research and development facilities—a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber to take accurate sound measurements and our own double blind listening rooms to test every product we produce. We've won hundreds of product awards and garnered thousands of rave reviews.

30 October, 2013 by Omer Sheikh
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