Primare Demo Stock Clearance

Here is a list of Primare gear for clearance these are one off specials no rainchecks:


These are all premium Swedish made products. All their components use the same high quality construction. They produce a very clean and balanced sound stage. Very good value for money.



Model Was Special
Primare CD32 Titanium Top Of The Line CD Player $2999 $2319
Primare NP30 Black High Grade Media Player and DAC $2999 $2319
Primare A34.2 Black Stereo Power Amp $2999 $2319
Primare CD22 Titanium CD Player $1799 $1391
Primare I32/MM30 Black Integrated Amp with Media Board $3999 $3092
Primare I32 Titanium Integrated Amp $2999 $2319
Primare Pre32/MM30 Titanium Pre Amp with Media Board $3999 $3092
Primare SP33 Titanium AV Pre Amp with High Quality Audio Circuit $4999 $4399



Please call us to order these items.


Thank you







13 November, 2014 by Omer Sheikh
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