To be first...

People love to be first. Just look on any website that has a comments section you will see an almost every article will have a useless "first post". I don't know how much pleasure someone can get from that but it seems to be enough to make it a very common activity. For me being first for the sake of it is a waste of time. Sometimes it is better to consider all of your options carefully and make the smartest decisions. The new Oppo PM 1 planar magnetic headphones are not the first of their kind, they are a first for Oppo. However they have made the smartest decisions. They have taken a technology with great potential and made it usable. These headphones are capable of being used with any device something that is not possible with other headphones of this kind. "if you are a serious listener, and enjoy the special experience that headphones deliver, the PM-1's would be an important and worthwhile investment. Congratulations to OPPO for getting it right on their first attempt!" .  If you want sound quality that rivals a much more expensive hi-fi system at a fraction of the cost please come in and listen. If you are not familiar with planar magnetic designs have a look at the product webpage. @oppodigital #oppopm1

PM-1 Side View

@oppodigital #oppopm1 @oppodigital #oppopm1 @oppodigital #oppopm1 
13 June, 2014 by Omer Sheikh
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