Definitive Technology Speakers and Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

DefTech have released their new Bipole speaker range, the 9000 series. We have all the models in store. DefTech has also released a pair of Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling. All of these products are now available on our website. 

Come into the shop and have a listen!


29 October, 2016 by Cade Dunbar
Tags: DefTech New

New Oppo 4K Blu-Ray Player!

Oppo have just announced a 4K Blu-Ray player, the UDP-203. The Ultra-HD universal player is expected to arrive in Australia around November. It is the equivalent of a BDP-103 with UHD 4K Blu-Ray support. Presently we are not taking pre-orders, and stock on the BDP-103 is expected to be available until further notice.

Stay tuned for more news!

01 October, 2016 by Cade Dunbar

PS Audio SACD Transport! (PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player)

Finally, an SACD Transport is here!

PS Audio have announced a universal player that supports CD, HRx, BluRay (Audio), and SACD (DSD). This is sure to be a fantastic product, based on PS Audio's history and experience

35 years after the introduction of the CD, PS Audio's engineers have perfected the art of data extraction and delivery so you can finally hear what’s been locked away in your CD and SACD collection. The Direct Memory Player is a universal optical disc transport with a twist inside: an advanced Digital Lens. The Lens, first invented in 1993 by PS Audio’s Paul McGowan and Bob Stadtherr, electrically isolates the mechanical transport/laser mechanism of optical disc readers, improves audio quality to a degree few systems have yet achieved, and focuses audio data into a single, bit-perfect, timing-perfected stream to your DAC.

CD reproduction through DMP now comes closer than ever to high resolution PCM and DSD, uncovering new layers of dimensionality, soundstage, depth and musicality previously unobtainable in other optical readers or server based audio systems.

 Stay tuned for news on availability!

30 September, 2016 by Cade Dunbar

Rega Planar Range

Rega's new planar range is now available. Come in and have a look (or even buy a turntable).

They can be found on the site here:
Rega Planar 1
Rega Planar 2 
Rega Planar 3

29 September, 2016 by Cade Dunbar

The New-Old Project Classic Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio have announced their newest addition to their ever growing range of turntables,The Classic Turntable boasts an aesthetic inspired by turntables straight from the 70s, with a notable resemblance to the classic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, this new Pro-Ject turntable definitely lives up to its name. The turntable is equipped with a new tonearm and counter weight. The turntable is set to be released in June exclusively in the UK, it will be priced at £799 (approximately $1400 AUD). We have received no word yet whether the turntable will be available in other regions.

For more information, read the HiFi Pig article by clicking here.

21 May, 2016 by Cade Dunbar
Tags: New Turntable

Arcam IrDac-II coming soon - Sure to be ad-DAC-tive!

Exciting news for anyone in the market for a new DAC or fans of the ever popular Arcam IrDac. The IrDac set to be succeeded by the Arcam IrDac-II at the end of this month. The new revision will include some substantial additions, including Bluetooth connectivity, a headphone output and DSD128 support. 

For more information on the unit, including specifications click here! 

13 May, 2016 by Cade Dunbar
Tags: Arcam DAC New
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