New Martin Logan Distributor - Prices come down!

Martin Logan are one of the best speaker designers in the world. They have specialised in electrostatic speakers for a very long time. If you have never heard them before it is a very different experience to the standard box speakers. They have a great ability to disappear and create a large sound stage in front of you. You can learn more about the technology here.


As a bonus being the wonderful people they are at Audio Active the new distributor has managed to reduce the pricing and has also let us know that we will be able to offer special package prices as well. 

Not only do Martin Logan specialise in electrostatic speakers. They also make a range of "box" speakers, however as you would expect they are not the standard fare as from other companies. Instead of a conventional dome tweeter they use a folded motion tweeter. This technology gives a much larger surface area from which to produce a highly dynamic and precise sound. There are many other aspects to their design we have updated the range and will continue to add more of them online. Have a look at the Martin Logan section on our website.#martinlogan #audioactive

30 July, 2014 by Omer Sheikh
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