New high end range from Cambridge Audio announced!!

Meet Edge

With their impending 50 year anniversary the boffins at Cambridge Audio have spent over 3 years hard at work creating a new range of high end products. With a "forget cost, forget limitations" mentality the 9 person team dedicated to the new range have created a new line of products where the only thing that matters is how it sounds. It is set to deliver unprecedented amounts of detail, transparency and sound-stage.

Designed to be beautifully minimalist, with lashings of aluminium, a floating top plate, and impeccable volume knob feel. By selecting the best possible parts they can, they are aiming to deliver what they set out to do. Make the best possible sounding components they can. All parts were chosen on their sonic merit, not on cost, not on how they measure, only how they sound. This is a great design philosophy.

There are 3 models launching soon. An Integrated Amplifier, a Preamp with network streaming and a Beefy Power amplifier.

For more details on these products check them out on the Cambridge website

If you would like to be notified about pricing or when they become available please drop us a line via the contact us link

05 April, 2018 by Michael Babb
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