New 35 Series Primare now in store!

We have just received the newest range from Primare. The I35 Dac and CD35 cd player. Primare have reworked their existing UFPD all analogue Class D amplification system and now it features the all new UFPD 2. This delivers a pretty substantial 150w x2 at 8 Ohms or 300w x2 at 4 Ohms. Impressive indeed. It also includes an excellent AKM Dac. The new CD35 features a new CD mechanism and ESS Sabre Dac. Balanced and Unbalanced outputs and Digital out are standard. Both I35 and CD35 are also available with the optional PRISMA streaming module. Drop by the store to check them out today, otherwise use the contact us link and drop us an email.

10 April, 2018 by Michael Babb
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