Devialet Expert 1000 Pro Coming Soon!


The major innovations of the Original d'Atelier exclusive edition enabled Devialet engineers to push a step further the frontiers of extreme audiophile performance. This limited edition now paves the way to the new Expert Pro line, with Expert 1000 Pro as the most powerful incarnation.

With 5 new patents, a power output of 1000 Watts and unprecedented performance, an audiophile icon is born. The measured amplification performance of the 1000 Pro is now best-in-class at all power levels.

THD+noise : 0,00025 %
Signal to Noise ratio : 133 dB

New version of ADH Intelligence®, the most advanced yet, with an improved ADH loop regulation algorithm and a 4x improvement of the signal control precision.

New Class A amplifier reducing harmonic distortion rate and power consumption.
New Class D amplifier inducing a power transmission improved by 25%.
New power supply handling transient loads twice as fast.
New thermal management dissipating heat twice as fast.
New architecture allowing integration of future hardware and software evolutions.

We've not yet been given a release date, but expect it at some point soon!

08 July, 2016 by Cade Dunbar
Tags: News
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