Devialet Free Dialog/Turntable Offer

For a limited time, Devialet Silver Phantom customers who purchase two or more units in a single sale qualify for one of two free items:

Devialet Dialog - This multi-unit controller allows streaming and control of multiple Phantoms at once.  It can join and separate individual Phantoms, allocate them to stereo or mono duties and even assign them to different rooms.  It is a must-have for anyone looking for more than the standard optical/bluetooth interface.

Project Essential II Digital - This turntable offers high quality 33/45 RPM playback, has the capacity to upgrade its cartridge to virtually any Moving Magnet unit and has the convenience of an optical digital audio output, allowing direct connection to Devialet Phantom or Dialog for supreme reproduction of vinyl.

To find out more or place an order, swing by the store.  Otherwise you can reach us via our Contact Form.

22 February, 2016 by Angus Perry
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