On Rotation - Ainslie Wills

Sometimes I hear a song for the first time but feel as though I have heard it before.  It echoes through me like some memory from a previous life, full of deja vu and some intense, unidentified emotion.  In honour of Keanu Reeves' performance in The Matrix, I've dubbed these 'Whoa' Moments.

It happened to me as I listened to the new Ainslie Wills EP, "Oh The Gold".

The song structure is fairly similar thoughout, with beautifully constructed and richly sung melodies suddenly exploding into more intense and memorable crescendos at the bridge.  It's here that her influences really come through, with each track having its own unique flavour.

Off the bat, "Drive" sounds like a track lifted from Haim, right down to the vocal style and poppy bass notes. "Constellations" sounds like a Radiohead B-Side circa "Kid A".  "But I'll Try" has that canary-like cascade of voice like something Alison Goldfrapp left at a train station, half-written, with her voice still trapped in the chorus.

In spite of these similarities, you still get such an individual performance on every track.  Her vocals are her strength and she doesn't hold back, crossing octaves without sounding like a wannabe Diva.  This is pure music, heartfelt and honest, enriched with solid instrumentation and a real sense for where pop and alternative cross over.

03 November, 2015 by Angus Perry
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