Canberra Festival of the Long Weekend

Back to back long weekends; first "Family and Community Day" and now, this weekend, "Labour Day".  What do we do?  Make the arduous and Police-riddled journey down to the coast to soak up some sea air, a little too much UV and the all-important salt-water-in-the-ears?  Or stay home, head to the park with a few friends and have a BBQ and begin a season of cricket with some very rusty leg-spin?

Third option: catch up on a summer, autumn and winter of music which has gone past in a blur.  Add in a few good movies (did you even manage to catch more than one of the Oscar nominations this year?) and you're all set.  Or, if you're like our staff, you finish work, head home and jump into a multiplayer session of Destiny, surround sound systems pumping with the sounds of cooperative alien slaying.

For those who find a healthy balance of all of the above - what's your secret? - nicely done.  For the rest of us, let's take it easy with a well-deserved extra day off work and a few moments of musical bliss to break up that long year of graft.

This coming weekend, I'll be listening intently to the new Interpol and Alt-J records with a bit of extra fidelity thanks to my latest upgrade - A Denon DL-103R to go with my Project 1Xpression.  I hope you enjoy your weekend as much!

01 October, 2014 by Angus Perry
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