A Heartfelt (Open) Apology For My Neighbours

Dear neighbours,

I'd like to extend to you the hand of friendship at this, the greatly respected time of the Canberra Multicultural Festival.  I wish to bridge the divide between our houses and overcome the animosity caused by my, unto now, selfish and inconsiderate behaviour.

I'd also like to point out that it's not exactly been a one-way street here, with you giving as good as I gave, but certainly not like-for-like.  I mean, seriously, how many kitchen renovations do you need to perform in four years?  Why is the answer three?  Stop shutting off my water.  Put the hammers and the drills down and let's talk.

I'm prepared, if you can cease renovations and remodelling for just a couple of months, to stop listening to music with my front door and windows open.  I'll contain all nine inches of the 'Nails'; I won't give you the 'Andrew Bird'; I won't 'Elbow' you in the middle of the afternoon.  I'll fully commit to not go the full 'Jarvis' on your 'Michael'.  Heck, if any sound leaks out while I'm watching a movie, I'll even lend you my PSB M4U2s.

But please, PLEASE, stop hammering right when I'm about to break down at the beginning of 'Up' (Why do you always manage to stop during the more "adult" sections of Game Of Thrones, though?  What magic is this?) or I'm going to get an even bigger power amp (hmm... the Anthems are on special...).

So, in summary, I apologise for the retaliation.  This weekend, I'll bring over some brownies of peace (you guys don't really have a kitchen, so I'm happy to provide) and we can flesh out the details.



06 February, 2014 by Angus Perry
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