Musical Fidelity V90 - Grab A (Little) Bargain!

We're already starting to receive the first pieces of the stunning new LX series of Musical Fidelity components, so to make room, we're clearing our stock of V90 products at not-to-be-missed prices!

V90 Amp - A great stereo integrated amp, able to be used as a power amp if desired, with analogue, optical and USB inputs.
RRP $499, Special $399

V90 LPS - A stunning phono preamp, with inputs for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridge turntables.  The best of the phono preamps before the price crosses the $500 mark for sure!
RRP $349, Special $279

V90 HPA - One of the outright best sub-$500 headphone amps going.  Mains powered, with both analogue and USB inputs and a line level passthrough, it has happily runs headphones anywhere from 10 to 600 ohms.
RRP $399, Special $319

V90 DAC - A 32bit DAC with 24bit, 192kHz upsampling and reclocking on all inputs, the sound is a significant jump over most similar form-factor DACs and complements any system, be it compact or full-size.
RRP $449, Special $359

V90 BLU - A brilliant quality Bluetooth receiver which offers a substantial improvement over virtually all integrated Bluetooth solutions.  Pair it with any amp or AV receiver to add exceptional quality streaming from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device.
RRP $399, Special $319

21 May, 2016 by Angus Perry
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