B&W 700 Series 2 is on its way!

We are expecting the first shipment in the next few weeks, most certainly on the better side of November. The critically acclaimed 700 series has been brought back with vengeance. Replacing the incredible CM S2 range, the 700's have implemented technology both straight from the 800 series, as well as never before seen Bowers & Wilkins technology.

Pre-orders are available (and encouraged) if you are looking for an impressive addition to your system as soon as possible! Visit the shop or call us at (02) 6247 4844, or alternatively use our Contact Form tool.

We have the range on our website, and you may view them here:

B&W 702 S2
B&W 703 S2
B&W 704 S2
B&W 705 S2
B&W 706 S2
B&W 707 S2
B&W HTM71 S2
B&W HTM72 S2


29 September, 2017 by Cade Dunbar
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Ortofon Event Night Washup

  The Ortofon event night was a huge success! Records were spun, grooves were navigated, Rush was mercilessly criticised and laughs were had.

  Our goal of demonstrating the stark differences between the breadth of Ortonfon's models was achieved with the help of Leigh and Gabrielle from Interdyn, plenty of fantastic food and a few drinks.

  In terms of the question of Moving Magnet vs Moving Coil cartridges, we definitively demonstrated the value for money of the Quintet range.  The standout favourite of most listeners being the Quintet Blue as bang for buck, and the new Black S for raw performance. 

  If you missed the event, fear not! The Ortofon Cartridge Lab turntable rig will be a permanent fixture in the shop.  Feel free to wander in and we can demonstrate these same differences for you in a time that suits you.  Plus, you can bring your own vinyl!

  A big thank you to everyone who came along, Leigh, Gabrielle and our friends from Tree 83 for the food (It was really good food!).  To join us at our next in-store event, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of the homepage), and keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook.

22 July, 2017 by Cade Dunbar

Bargains Galore!

We have added many items to our clearance page. If it's HiFi on a budget or you just like to snag a special, by gosh do we have some deals for you! Browse the selection here, and don't forget all prices include shipping!

13 May, 2017 by Cade Dunbar

PS Audio Stellar - Now Shipping

PS Audio's new entry-level series, the Stellar, has just been launched worldwide.  Australia's first units are due for delivery this week, with the next major shipment due in June.

Due to overwhelming demand in the US and Europe, supply will be very limited for the first few shipments, so get your orders in now.

Image result for ps audio stellar s300

Kicking off the series is an incredible 2 x 300w (into 4 ohms) stereo power amplifier, the Stellar S300.  Priced at only $2295, it makes upgrading any system with pre-outs a cinch!

The next step in the lineup is a new DAC, the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.  Operating as both a dedicated DAC and as a stereo pre-amplifier, it promises to keep PS Audio's amazing run of DACs going. Packing support for 192KHz signals, DSD and all the regular stuff plus offering a pure class-A headphone output stage and preamplifier, it can be matched with virtually any power amplifier of choice. For obvious reasons, we suggest a PS Audio Stellar amplifier.

Finally, the Stellar M700 mono power amplifiers round out the series with 700w (into 4 ohms) each, or 350w into 8 ohms.  Coming as a pair, they can connect with either unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (XLR) cables to your pre-amp.  Stable to 2 ohms, they are suitable for just about any speaker you can imagine!

You can see the full PS Audio range here, or for any further questions please use our contact form.

09 May, 2017 by Angus Perry

New Oppo UDP-205 Now In Stock

As the glorious quality of 4K video solidifies it's place in any AV enthusiasts setup, it's now time for higher quality audio!

With a myriad of supported disc formats (as well as no region lock!), you'll struggle to find something in your collection that won't play on this. 

We expect stock to be steady, and shipping times as per usual. View the product page here.

29 April, 2017 by Cade Dunbar

Arcam Price Drop!

The Arcam A39 has had a huge price drop. It is now down from $3695 to $2999. It was already great value for money and now it is unbeatable.
28 March, 2017 by Omer Sheikh

PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport Demo Clearance

We have a good as new demo unit Perfectwave ($2496) which we would like to clear. It is on the floor if you would like to come and investigate.  

Click Here.




21 March, 2017 by Omer Sheikh

A.J. van Den Hul builds cartridge live!

This is an awesome event. We are very lucky to have A.J. van Den Hul showing us how he builds a high quality cartridge. 

AJ van den hulBuilding cartridge

14 March, 2017 by Omer Sheikh

Arcam A19 Price Drop

Arcam FMJ A19

The much-lauded Arcam A19, one of our best-selling amplifiers, has had a massive price drop as it comes to the end of its tenure as Arcam's entry-level analog stereo amplifier.

Packing in an excellent phono stage, headphone output stage and with a great, smooth sound, it's a no-brainer match to virtually any stereo speakers.  It's the perfect amplifier to build a stunning turntable system around.

Arcam A19 - Was $1195, now $999

22 February, 2017 by Angus Perry

Oppo's 4K UDP-203 SOLD OUT, More Coming 5th January

Due to pre-orders taking 100% of our initial shipment of the awesome Oppo UDP-203, we're now pre-selling our second shipment due on the 5th .

Pre-order here.

21 December, 2016 by Angus Perry
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